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VM26 Turret Milling Machine

The VM26 Turret Milling Machine is a very popular small compact belt drive milling machine and is the next step up from the larger bench mounted machines but carrying many features of the more traditional larger turret mill. Ideally suited to home workshops, model engineering, light industrial and educational training.

` ... Remarkable value for money, there really is a lot here for a modest outlay, small in the overall scheme of things, but it thinks big and can handle itself well ..` Bill Brown. Normandy. France

Temporarily Out of Stock

Price: £1,850.00  Incl vat


  • R8 spindle taper
  • Equipped with manual fine downfeed
  • One shot lubrication system
  • Halogen worklight
  • Belt change head
  • Electrical interlocked spindle guard ( removed for clarity in pic )
  • Extended leadscrew for table power feed installation
  • Additional extra wide coolant tray at no extra cost
  • Metric calibrations

Standard Equipment Supplied:

  • Manual fine downfeed
  • One shot lubrication system
  • Electrical interlocked spindle guard
  • Halogen worklight
  • Drawbar
  • Cabinet stand
  • Manual. parts list. toolbox


  • Spindle taper: R8
  • Spindle speed range (9) : 190 - 2100 rpm
  • Table size: 152 x 660mm (6 x 26")
  • Spindle travel: 70mm (2 3/4")
  • Max longitudinal travel: 370mm (14 1/2")
  • Max cross travel: 150mm (6")
  • Max distance to table: 330mm (13")
  • Head swivels: left / right 45 deg
  • Ram swivels: 360 deg
  • Motor size: 1 1/2 hp
  • Standard electrics: 240 volts 1 ph
  • Approx net weight: 262 kgs
  • Approx floor space required: 67"H x 45"W x 41"D

Optional Accessories for the VM26:

Note: General dimensions and specification may be subject to minor variations and should be used as guidance only.