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Machine Spare Parts

We carry a good selection of Spare Parts for all our Metalworking Lathes and Milling Machine plus other machines in our range, either directly from our own stock or on short lead time.

Both Variable Speed Lathes , Variable Speed Milling Machines  and all Belt Drive Lathes and Milling Machines. Some parts are compatible with other manufacturers machines however please contact us to check this out.

Spare parts include replacement DC Motors, AC Motors, Speed Control Boards, Gears, Electrical Switches and much more right down to Machine Handles, so if you need a spare part which might not be listed contact our Spares Dept for help.

A full inventory of Spare Parts available can be found on the relevant listing below, in the meantime please contact us if you need help 01453 767584 or email via the Contact Us  page

Lathe Spare Parts 

Milling Machine Spare Parts

There are currently no products in this category.